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A short film by Nicole Delprado


Produced by Joanna Beveridge


"Human to human relationships

ultimately result in the

breakdown of the family unit.

It has been proven time and

time again..."

Society has evolved."



Have you ever heard of a Real Doll? The concept of Toy Boy blossomed when I began to ponder the ramifications of Real Dolls becoming mainstream. Combine this with ever advancing artificial intelligence technology, I delved into thoughts of our future relationships with robots.

What could be created, and what would it mean to society?

Picture a Real Doll that is more than a warm body. It can cook, clean, and manage your household affairs – even help your kids with their homework.

More than a Real Doll...


this is a Realbot.


A Realbot is your ideal partner.

It has a personality to compliment yours 

and learn as any human would.

You’ve designed them, ordered them and married them. They are uncannily life-like and perfect for you in every way.

Does it matter that they’re not human?


 What would it be like to grow up in a society where your

parents don’t love each other and all families have Realbots?

How would this affect your relationship with your parents,

and what role do Realbots have in your upbringing?


Toy Boy is the story of a girl, her

parents, their sex robots and a society

where human relationships are illegal.

As a teenage girl questions the

immorality of human to human

relationships; Toy Boy takes us on a

journey through a coming-of-age

story with a twist.

The film begs the question,

growing up in a world where

people custom design their

true love, would you still feel

that overwhelming teenage

desire to find real human